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Finance Lectures

We hope to educate students basic knowledge and concepts of finance and investing. These lectures aim to be as simple and digestible as possible, whilst remaining informative and thought-provoking.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Finances

  • What is Finance? Why is it important? 

  • Finance under a macroeconomic context

Lesson 2: Financial Markets

  • How the stock market works

  • Factors that impact the financial markets 

    • Economic cycle 

    • Interest rates 

    • Socioeconomic events

Lesson 3: Finance Careers

  • Venture capital

  • Commodities trading 

  • Stock trading 

  • Private equity

Lesson 4: Asset Classification

  • Types of buy and sell orders 

  • Introduction to options 

  • Fixed incomes: bonds

  • Alternative investments: commodities, real estate, cryptocurrency 

Lesson 5: Fundamental Stock Analysis

  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement

  • Ratio Analysis for evaluating a company's financial health

Lesson 6: Investment Options &
Portfolio Management

  •  Risk and Return relationships for evaluating investment options

  •  Portfolio Diversification and Asset Allocation strategies for managing investment portfolios

Introduction to the Investopedia
Stock Market Simulator

  • What is the Investopedia Stock Market Simulator?

  •  Why use a stock market simulator?

  •  What are the benefits of using the Investopedia Stock Market Simulator

Setting up your Investopedia Stock Market Simulator Account

  • Navigating to the simulator page

  •  Creating an account

  •  Understanding the simulator interface and features

More is coming...

We will soon provide competition guidances for ISF Finance competition and Wharton Global Youth Program. 

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