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The ISF Finance Competition


For you to use inside the stock market simulator

We believe...

By utilizing a stock market simulator, students can gain real-life experience and acquire a wealth of knowledge in the field of finance. The ISF Finance department offers access to this interactive tool, which allows participants to experiment with different investment strategies and learn how to make informed decisions without risking any real money. Join us today and take advantage of this valuable opportunity to apply the knowledge and concepts you have learnt inside the classroom or from our finance lectures, enhance your financial literacy skills and prepare for your future career.


For honour.

Compete with other students to receive our highly sought over certificates, which are signed by the ISF Economics Department and recognized as an official honour by the school. These certificates demonstrate your technical prowess in finance, and would be a substantial addition to your university application, as well as an impressive piece of bragging right to your friends.

Join Today.

Our community is passionate about finance and economics, and welcomes anyone

who shares this interest.  Join us today to connect with like-minded individuals

and expand your knowledge in these fields.

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