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ISF Finance

Our Mission

We offer a simulated investing competition on Investopedia, and a series of finance lectures to ISF students who aspire to pursue a career in finance.

Our objective is to provide comprehensive financial education and instill best practices in financial management within the ISF community.

About Us

Our academic lectures on finance are designed with the goal of facilitating the ISF community's understanding and proficiency in financial matters.


We hope to offer valuable assistance to members of the community through our informative and engaging presentations.

We host a simulated investing competition on Investopedia, where students apply knowledge and concepts learnt from class or our finance lectures to win I&S department recognized awards in 2 month seasons.

We release digestible yet informative finance lecture videos every 2 weeks to secondary students, aiming to educate basic finance, economics and investing knowledge and concepts.

We administrate a friendly discord server community where students discuss their investment strategies from the competition, or ask questions after listening to our finance lectures.

We own an Instagram account that has accumulated over 300 followers, where we post recent news regarding our group, photos of ISF Finance Competition winners, and engage followers with stock-predicting stories.

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